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People who use power tools are very often perplexed about the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver. They can hardly make a difference between the two. But when thinking of a hammer drill vs an impact driver there are some considerations like their price, weight, use, weight, appearance, and the method of operation. 

An impact drill is worthy of everyday tasks and home improvement projects. It can be chosen if a buyer needs only one kind of drilling. Similarly, a hammer drill has different functioning and use. it is important to understand the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver so that you can choose the correct tool for the purpose. If you find the best cordless drill under 75$.

#1. What is Hammer Drill?

fun-purple-illustrated-3d-humans-education-keynote-presentation-1-2259704 Hammer Drill

Hammer drills are generally used when extreme force is required. These are useful to drive holes in hard concrete surfaces. Hammer drills are strong and can handle more wear and tear than a normal drill even though they drill through hard surfaces. They use mechanical hammer motion to boreholes. 

There are 3 kinds of hammer drills namely Percussion, Pneumatic, and Rotary hammer drill. these are very versatile tools which can be used for screws, cement, stone and other surfaces too. 

#2. What is an Impact drill?

fun-purple-illustrated-3d-humans-education-keynote-presentation-2-4432468 Impact drill

Impact drivers are tools with very high torque which are generally used for driving screws and tightening nuts. The chuck of the impact driver can only accept bit with ¼-inch hex shank. 

An impact driver is light in weight and smaller the drill drivers. These are not very versatile but still, perform quite a lot of tasks. As the torque output is higher in these tools, they work quicker than other drills. 

#3. What is the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver ( Hammer drill vs an Impact driver )

There are numerous differences between in a hammer drill and an impact driver. Let us look at how you can identify these differences. 

● Work principal

Hammer drill vs impact driver cannot be understood without looking into their manner of operation. A hammer drill uses higher pressure than an impact driver. It feels like a hammer hitting a lot faster into a hard material. It is loud and vibrates back and forth. 

An impact driver moves in a rotatory motion. It is a cordless screwdriver unless high power is needed. It surely has more force into it. It does not have an adjustable clutch. 

● Used purpose

A hammer drill is needed when you wish to drill holes into tough materials like concrete or metal. Some hammer drills come with a feature which can turn them into a normal drill too. An impact driver is useful to drive rusted or over torques screws or even to drive into tough materials.  

● Weight

When comparing the weight in differences between a hammer drill and an impact driver, you will find that impact driver is much lighter in weight than a hammer drill. this can be because of the work they are used for too. 

● Appearance

These two drills differ a lot in their appearance. This can be seen as the main identifier in a hammer drill vs impact driver debate. The impact driver is shorter in size. In place of a chuck, it has a hexagonal socket. On the other hand, a hammer drill is heavy and large. It comes with a drill chuck which can be adjusted with various bits and sizes. 

● Price

A hammer drill has various functions and feature and comes at a higher price as compared to an impact driver. Therefore, it is important to know their features and use before investing.  

● Torque

Hammer drills come with adjustable torque control, whereas an impact driver does not have any torque control. 


Impact drivers have a wonderful amount of torque, but they are not meant to perform the functions of a drill or a hammer drill. these are best suited for fastening screws, nuts, and bolts. Stick to these tasks and it should be good. 

No, an impact driver must not be used as a drill. it is created for some specific tasks and it must not be confused with a drill. impact driver must be used for screws and nuts. Using these for drilling is difficult because of the inflexible hexagonal chuck.

Technically yes, but if thought rationally no! most of the lug nuts should be torqued at 80-100 ft-lbs. but many of the impact drivers are simply unable to achieve this torque power. Some might be able to nut not all. If you are a pro and can pull this off, go for it. Otherwise, avoid it. 

A hammer drill can surely be used as a regular drill. you simply need to put it in drill mode. It might have some limitations while working as a drill. If you are looking forward to buying a drill then go for a hammer drill as it is more versatile. Many hammer drills come with a feature of regular drill too. So, choose the model wisely.

Concrete is a very hard substance due to the reason most of the drills can not use for concrete drilling. if you want to fully answer how can drills in concrete.


The differences between a hammer drill and an impact driver are quite clear with the above-mentioned distinctions. These are two very different tools for varying purposes. While buying a tool one must make sure to learn these features and purposes of both these tools. Do you know how to hammer drills different from regular drills?

Do not be fooled by the similarity in the looks of both these tools as they look quite similar. Sadly, it leads to a lot of confusion and people buying the wrong tool. We hope the above discussion can be helpful for you to find and choose the right machine which is ideal for your work. You can benefit from both these at the right time of use. do not try and interchange these as they have different performance and functions. Choose wisely and the output will become flawless.