How to use a drill press for woodworking [step by step]


Woodworking is an intricate task. It requires skill as well as the correct tool. Drill press for woodworking has been a common choice among users. It is because a single machine can accomplish several tasks. It is usually used for drilling but it can accomplish drilling square holes, become a spindle sander, and even more. It can be fitted with a mortising attachment too. you just need to be aware of the various features and functions of a drill press for woodworking.


  • The drill press must be unplugged while you are setting it up. A lot of mishappening occurs because of carelessness. It is a strict caution to be highly careful while working with a drill press.
  • Do not wear anything loose that hangs and can get stuck while drilling. Avoid wearing loose clothes, loose hairs, or even rings. These things can become a distraction or cause serious problems.
  • Make sure no loose cords are lying around your workspace. These can seriously compromise your safety.
  • Use safety glasses while working with wood. Small fragments can get loose and hop here and there. You can use headphones for sound cancellation too.

As soon as you have taken care of these above steps you are ready to use the drill press for woodworking. 


  • Set the speed: you must know that slower speeds are good for metal but faster speed will be required for wood. Most of the drill press has a drive belt and moving it can help you set up the speed of the drill. remember, the smaller the pulley, the faster it spins. 
  • Fit the bit: choose the bit you require and set it up by opening the chuck. Tighten the chuck’s jaws (you must have a key for that). Be sure, you remove the chuck, otherwise, it can turn into a grave mistake. Check if the drill is rotating by switching the button on and off once.
  • Make a small pilot hole first. It will ensure the correct placement of the hole before drilling the bit in completely. 
  • Adjust the table: set the table to the desired height according to the object you drill into and the depth you to drill to. you may find a crank in some drill bits to adjust the table height, some move freely.
  • Adjust the depth and set the material: adjust the depth gauge according to your requirement. also secure the material you need to drill. either hold it easy and solid or use a clamp for a better grip. 
  • Drilling: once everything has been set up completely, start drilling. Make sure you work on full speed by lowering the bit slowly by swinging the rotating lever. One completed drilling put the drill in basic settings and remove the material. 

Remember no matter the size of the drill press, all basic adjustments remain the same. Recently we are published Ryobi vs Dewalt.


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