A chuck is an important part of any cordless drill. DeWalt cordless drills have chuck which is technical to alter and change. You might be a pro at working with a drill, but taking, removing and changing parts of a drill needs an altogether different and in-depth understanding of a drill machine.
There can be numerous instances when you have to clean or change the chuck of a DeWalt cordless drill. Being the main component of the drill machine, a chuck is more likely to get wear out earlier than the other parts. But you need not worry about the technicalities of removing the chuck from DeWalt cordless drill. Here we are with a good and nice step by step description of how to remove chuck from DeWalt cordless drill. follow the steps, keep calm and you are good to go.


• Make sure that you have properly dried your hands before handling the drill and charger.• Keep your workspace clean and remove all the clutter.

• Make sure to turn off the drill before beginning with the work. You can do this by putting the forward-reverse switch in the middle position.

• Screwdriver• Allen Wrench

• Rubber mallet


Step 1

• Grab the DeWalt cordless drill with your non-dominant hand and grab the chuck with your hand.
• While holding the chuck with your dominant hand, turn the chuck towards yourself. Loosen the chuck, until it is wide enough to get a screwdriver inside it.

Step 2

• Turn the screwdriver clockwise. See if the screw gets rotating and moves out. Remove the screw. It can be tricky and might take time. Simply keep turning till you see the screw remove itself.
• While holding the drill with the non-dominant hand, turn it down so that the removed screw falls.

Step 3

• Now take the Allen Wrench and insert it into the chuck.• Tighten the Allen Wrench inside as much as it allows by rotating the chuck.

• Make sure the gearbox is in its lowest settings. Keep the level of the gearbox at 1.

Step 4

  • Now bring the drill parallel to the surface you are working on and hold it with your non-dominant hand.
  • Strike the top of the Allen Wrench with a rubber mallet. Use your dominant hand for this. Make sure to thrust in the direction such that you push the Allen Wrench towards the surface you are working on. Viola! The chuck has been broken free from the drill now.
  • Now slowly turning the Allen Wrench towards you with your dominant hand, remove the chuck completely from the drill.


That is it. This is how simple it is to remove a chuck from a DeWalt cordless drill. all you need is 10 minutes, the right tools and follow the instructions carefully. To reassemble the drill and put back the chuck, follow the instructions in reverse order and its done. Make sure you keep the safety measures in mind while doing it.