How to make a hole in the Metal

Drilling a hole in metal is not a kid’s task. You need appropriate tools and technique for this. Metals are hard surfaces and there are special drills and drill bits to put holes in metals. But there is no certainty that you will have all the required tools to put a hole in metals at all times. There are many other methods which you can use to make a hole in metals without a drill. you will require some basic things which can be used appropriately to accomplish this task.

Having an appropriate drill bit is preferred but in case it is not there, apply the following two methods to gain the required hole in the metals. What kind of drill bit for steel is to be used is common knowledge, let’s go out of track and try something unique with these steps?



In this method, you can use a self-drilling screw in place of a drill bit to make a hole in any kind of metal.

Step 1: Prepare the metal surface by cleaning it and placing it at a good level. Preferably clamp the metal with the worktable. It will avoid the moving of the surface if it is lightweight.

Step 2: Using a pencil mark the place where you wight o drill a hole.

Step 3: make a divot at the centre of the place where you wish to put a hole. Use a hammer and a nail to punch it at the centre. Make a very small dent to help you drilling at the right place.

Step 4: place the self-driving screw under the drill and drill the screw with low pressure to make a small hole. See if the placement is right and move ahead by drilling the complete hole.

Note: choose a screw of the diameter exactly equal to the diameter of the hole you wish to make. Be careful about the movement of the screw too.



Step 1: place the metal strip or sheet over a bolt. The bolt must be exactly under the place where the hole is to be made.

Step 2: clasp a punch firmly and place it over the mark for the hole.

Step 3: use a hammer to hit the punch into the metal. Do it lightly at first and then add pressure subsequently.

Step 4: push the punch only till you reach the required diameter needed for the hole. Remove the punch and assess the hole.


You can use the above mentioned two methods to drill a hole in metal without a drill. it can be tricky and messy, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy to do. The best part about these methods is that you do not need to buy specific drill bits each time which might cost you a lot. Remember these are temporary solutions. If you are looking for professional drilling, then go for a specialized drilling machine.