How to make a drill machine at home with dc motor

Drilling machines can prove to be the most used tool in DIYs and workshop. There has been a constant rise in their use for a variety of tasks. But we must not forgo the fact that drilling machine cost a lot and can leave you out of pocket. There are drilling machines available which cost less, but still if we do not wish to buy one, what can we do? We can make our drilling machine. Yes! It might seem absurd but using some basic tools lying around our home we can create a drilling machine for ourselves.

The following mentioned steps will tell you how to make a drilling machine at home with a DC motor. You can collect the below-listed materials from around your garage and put them together as mentioned here. You can add your creativity too, after all, it is your drill machine.

Materials needed

  • A compass with a chuck
  • A DC motor
  • Terminal block
  • Some wires
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape

Note: Try to find a motor with 3mm axle as commonly compasses with a 3mm leg.


Follow the below-listed steps to make a drill machine at home with DC motor.

  • Step 1: take apart the compass. You are required to remove the mini chuck attached to the compass. This is the only part you need.
  • Step 2: Use a knife to remove the terminals attached to the chuck. Also, remove the plastic, we only need the metal part of the chuck.
  • Step 3: Mount this chuck on the DC motor you have. You can find a DC motor in any kind of basic machine lying at home.
  • Step 4: Now, insert the compass leg in the hole given in the chuck. (you can change the screws of the chuck if they are rusted or require replacement)
  • Step 5: take some wires and a switch and solder them to the motor. Be highly cautious at this step.
  • Step 6: you can use drills of size 2-2.5 mm. To fit small size drills, use electrical tape.

Now, try this DC motor drill on some small surface to know its effectiveness. If the drill works well, cover it with some electrical tape to secure the wires and push button. You can add items and details according to your preference. This is just a basic understanding of how to make a drill at home using a DC motor.


Making a drill machine is exceptionally easy at home. You only need to be vigilant about finding the right items for this. You can find them in your house or even buy these as they do not cost you a fortune. It is the basic and simple way to make a drill machine, you can incorporate your innovation and ideas with these steps mentioned above. Just be cautious while working with the knife and wires. It can be tricky. Lastly, have fun making your drill machine at home. It is worth the work.