How to drill a hole in a glass bottle with a regular drill bit

Using glass bottles is very common while doing DIYs or any other crafting work. As glass bottle cannot be used without a hole in them, therefore we need the correct equipment to do so.

A regular electric drill can be used to make a hole in glass bottle. Only if the correct drill bit is used it can be successfully done.

The most important factor that is to be kept in mind is the use of material harder than glass.

You should use the best drill bit to make a hole in glass. Anyone want to drill in bricks then read this how to drill in bricks.

It is very difficult to drill a hole in glass bottle with a regular drill bit. If you don’t have experience then you don’t try .

screenshot_20200419-234423_youtube-removebg-preview-1-4163096 Drill in bottle

Operate with the correct equipment

Not all glass materials are fit to be drilled. Using a regular drill bit to make a hole in glass can result in failure.

You may use wine bottles, mirrors, aquariums or glass tiles to make a hole. Stay away from tempered or safety glasses.

Determination of the type of glass being used is important beforehand. For example, to determine if a glass is tempered, you need to notice the four corners of the glass.

If the glass is etched at the four corners, it is tempered. And the reason we are not supposed to make a hole in it with a regular drill bit is that it shatters upon coming in contact with a drill.

Safety should be a priority in such matters of hardware work. Do not wear loose clothing or accessories while drilling holes. Wear protective goggles and gloved must not be forgotten.

Drilling a hole in the glass bottles does not need any extra or fancy equipment until and unless you have the correct and best drill bit.

The speed dials must be adjusted at low. Think of it as carving the class slowly rather than drilling a hole.

Choose an appropriate place to drill the bottle. You can even place the bottle in a plastic container or tub to avoid harming yourself or your work place.

This will also ensure that the glass bits from spreading all around. You can use a piece of cardboard or tape to cover it, and use it as a guide to drill the hole.

Never drill a hole near the edges of a glass bottle. Make sure you keep a distance of about 3 or 4” from each of the edges.

Drill the hole.

You must ensure that the rpm is set at low. Drilling into hard surfaces require the speed to be slow. Make a small point first to see the placement of the hole. Remove the cardboard and start to drill the hole deeper while steadily increasing the speed.

You can further change the size of the drill bit to make the hole bigger.

When you are close to breaking through, slow up the speed more as the glass becomes more fragile at this point. Use a coolant if the drill heats up.

Water is most commonly used for this purpose. Pour a little water over the surface while drilling.

You can use the coolant before or while drilling a hole with a regular drill bit to prevent the glass from cracking or breaking.


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