How to choose best cobalt drill bits for hardened steel

Buying a drill bit can be confusing because of the availability of various brands, sizes and types of drill bits. In this article, you will be given sufficient information about drill bits type and forms in the drill bit buying guide. You can use this for reference to choose the best drill bits for steel. To make your task easier we have added a list of 5 best drill bits for hardened steel too. 

Buying Guide and Benefit of good drill bits

Drill bit sets are a collection of a variety of drill bits. These varieties of drill bits feature a range of sized according to the purpose of their use. Drill bits are tools which allow drills to cut holes into different surfaces with the application of circular torque or rotational force. The part of the drill bit you attach to the chuck is called a shank.

Types of drill bits

Auger drill bits: these are distinctive looking bits to carve uniform holes especially in wood.

Cobalt drill bits: these are high-performance tools made of steel and cobalt mixture. Known for their strength and heat resistance. 

Micro drill bits: small in size for high precision work. Made especially for surfaces like steel, aluminium, brass and glass. These are drill bits for hardened steel home depot. 

Jobber drill bits: these are long and thin in size for varying depth of holes. Widely used for less demanding jobs. 

Hex drill bits: made with hexagonal shafts. Highly useful for professional and DIY enthusiasts. 

Pilot drill bits: very precise devices used to create pilot holes in materials of construction such as wood and plastic. Specially designed for the insertion of large drills or bore making tools.  

Different drill bits for different materials

Drill bits for metals: hard surfaces like metal require tough steel and cobalt alloy bits. The designs need to be tapered with high-level cutting power. Heat resistant chemical coating is also crucial because of the high friction produced while drilling. You will get a better idea about what to buy from the following list of 5 best drill bits for hardened steel

Masonry drill bit sets: these are made to cut through hard surfaces of stone and cement. They are long and thick in size with a threaded shaft. These are generally useful for builders and masons. 

Wood drill bit sets: these are crested for professional who work with timber and other carpenters. These are a collection of driver bits designed to cut through the wood neatly and cleanly. The smooth operation is its focus. 

Drill bit sizes

Drill bits come in a variety of sizes. Compatibility of the drill bit with the drill is important while choosing one for use. Make sure it correctly fit the chuck for drilling. You should choose the best drill bits for steel, wood and plastic for better efficiency. Most commonly used drill bit sizes are 9.53mm and 12.7mm respectively. Although the range of drill bit sizes varies from 0.3mm to 16mm for minimum and 1.6mm to 80mm for maximum. 

Other sizes are: 

  • 13mm drill bits
  • 15mm drill bits
  • 18mm drill bits
  • 23mm drill bits
  • 24mm drill bits
  • 26mm drill bits


VonHaus 100-piece Drill and Drive Bit Set

This drill bit set by VonHaus is wonderful to use on metal, masonry and woodwork. This is on the top for the list of best 5 drill bits for hardened steel. It comes with a variety of tools i.e. drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut drivers and more. Household repairs, DIY projects and household maintenance is a piece of cake with this se4t of drill bits. Cheery on the cake bring the colour-coded pattern of drill bits for convenient identification. You can choose from numerous sizes it offers. The brand is trustworthy and drill bits are high in quality with titanium coating and better durability. 

Black+Decker brand needs no introduction. Its tools are highly recommended and this is the reason for this being included in the best 5 drill bits for hardened steel. This set contains a variety of drill bits for metal, wood and plastic. The best feature of this set the portable hard storage case which you get with it. It makes it easy for you to carry your tools anywhere without hassle. It is good for all kinds of small and big projects. It also contains 1 inch and 2-inch screwdriver bits. It is a wonderful choice with a tool worth your money. 

DeWalt Drill Bit Set, Titanium, 14-Piece (DW1354) Yellow

DeWalt is a well-renowned brand which has introduced numerous efficient tools for drilling. The drill bits offered by DeWalt can be trusted due to various reasons. It offers a good amount of warranty price value and brand association too. This drill bit set has a Titanium Pilot Point for Longer Life. The drill bits are highly efficient with great precision. There are n spin shanks. The drill bits have great durability and low breaking probability. This could be a great choice among the 5 best drill bits for hardened steel. 

CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

The drill bits offered by CO-Z are durable and will remain new and shiny for long. This brand has been included in this list of 5 best drill bits for hardened steel. There are a variety of shanks with various sizes which come with a titanium coating. It offers compatibility with ¼, 3/8, ½ chuck sizes. You get fast and smooth drilling on surfaces like aluminium, wood plastic etc. you even get a portable case with it. 

IRWIN Drill Bit Set, M35 Cobalt Steel, 29-Piece (3018002)

These Irwin tools made of cobalt are highly efficient and durable for drilling. You get a 29-piece set of drill bits for various uses. These are heat and abrasion-resistant keeping them safe from wear and tear or work. These are heavy-duty tools for strength and construction purposes. 


You can see from the above mentioned best 5 drill bits for hardened steel that brands offer different varieties. Your decision should be based on your requirement and use. You can choose any of these or any other brand too.