How to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger in 2020


Do you want to know How to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger. It is very interesting topic because that is possible to battery charge without charger.

If you have any drill then you read article with carefully. Because most time Drill charger is not working properly. So people are disappointed for charger. Don’t worry friend we help to solve and you can easily charge cordless drill without a charger.

Cordless drills are a blessing because of their portability and exclusive features. But when it comes to charging it, we all have the common experience of ruining the charger. Mostly people don’t know how to work drill machine.

Buying a new cordless battery drill charger costs a considerable amount of money, which you do not have to spend. And if your drill is old, buying a new charger wouldn’t seem such a good idea. So now you’re left with a dead battery and no way to charge it. Or do you?

It is quite simple! Either you charge it via other batteries or make a charger of your own. We’ll tell you how to do both. Do you have any idea to choose best cordless drill for money.

How to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger

1 Charging via other battery

screenshot_20200412-191624_youtube-removebg-preview-1-8007730 Charge cordless drill

First, check your battery. And make sure that you have connectors with which you’ll connect your new batteries. Next, find the batteries from which you are going to draw your charge. Do check that they are already charged.

Now check the voltage of your drill battery. Make sure that you have enough batteries to charge your drill battery to the correct voltage.

To make the calculations easy for you, we have an example-
Suppose your cordless drill battery is 12V. Then you will need 8x AA batteries of 1.5V each to be connected in series to give a total of 12V.Gather these batteries with some pliers, tape, and two pieces of wire.

Now comes connecting them in series connection. Here are the steps:

  1. First, find out the positive and negative sides of each battery and connect the positive of one with the negative of others through connecting wires.
  2. Secure the connections with the electric tape.
  3. Perform steps 1 and 2 with all 8 batteries.
  4. Bend these batteries in U shape.
  5. Then connect the positive side of this series to the positive side of the drill battery and the negative side with the negative one.
    Keep this arrangement as-it-is for around 2 hours and your batteries will charge like before. Although keep and disconnect everything alert in case you smell anything funny.

2 Making your charger

screenshot_20200412-191856_youtube-removebg-preview-1-8077109 Drill charge

This method requires more calculations and physical work.
For this, you’ll have to create a step-down transformer which transforms high voltage AC into low voltage high Amp DC.

There are various tutorials on YouTube on how to make a step-down transformer by yourself. This method has high risks and requires patience and supervision of a professional person.

We would strongly recommend consulting or taking help from an electrical engineer.

Some safety measures that you should keep in mind are-• Never leave the site of your work.

• Use plastic sandals while working with batteries and transformers.

Cordless drills being more convenient require more attention and maintenance. But taking care of the charger is a tedious task. You can either lose it or break it.

When such a thing happens, it is not feasible to buy another one. So what can you do? You can make a charger of your own! As you have seen in our step-by-step guide you can also charge your battery without a charger. Follow the steps and take all safety measures because safety is our top priority.


I hope you easily understand How to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger. That is very easy proccess. We review best drill bit for drilling. If you are interested then Now read with carefully.