Hammer Drill 2020: What is a hammer drill?

we disscuss about What is a hammer drill?

As not one size fits all, similar is for drills. One drill cannot perform all the tasks. Your regular drill might be capable of drilling holes on wood or metal or maybe even drill in screws but what if you need to drill into a concrete wall or bricks?

Yes, the regular drill will render useless. For drilling holes which re big and in hard surfaces you need a drill with a good lot of power.

Now, can hammer drill be a good tool in these kinds of tasks? Let us explore what a hammed rill can do and what things to see before you buy one!

What is a hammer drill?

Hammer drills are your saviours if you are in need of drilling holes in extremely hard surfaces. It has become an avoidable tool for the toolboxes today.

These are brought to work when force is needed in the task.

The best hammer drills are more durable even when they are used to drill holes through hard surfaces.

They can bear more wear and tear. In easy terms we can say that a hammer drill is the one which uses hammer mechanical motion for drilling.

Why use hammer drills?

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Hammer drills are most useful when you need to bore holes in surfaces like ceramic tiles or concrete. They won’t disappoint as they work better than any regular drill. Drilling holes becomes easy with it so that you can put in screws and plugs in such surfaces.

Which hammer drill to choose?

Your choice of hammer drill is dependent in your requirement and work. Saying that refers to that there are many kings of hammer drills.

If you are person who wishes to work with a drill with portability then go for a cordless hammer drill, but if you wish to work with cords, you get that option too. In the latter you will get extra power and recharging the batter again and again will not be a problem.

Apart from this choice, you can also choose from percussion and pneumatic hammer drill. Percussion hammer drills are softer and easier to handle whereas pneumatic ones are stronger with high drilling power.

If even this does not satisfy the criteria of power you need for your drilling, go for rotatory hammer drills which can be used to drill large and deeper holes.

The industry for drills is constantly evolving and offers new variety of drills ever now and then, what you need to do is simply choose according to your requirements.

Can hammer drill work as a regular drill?

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As we said the industry is constantly refining the features of hammer drills, there are varieties of hammer drills which can be switched to standard mode as per requirement.

You will be able to use the drill as screw driver with much ease. There are many drills available in the market with two in one feature are can be worthwhile to buy for home projects.

Clearly hammer drills are a very functional tool for your DIY innovations and boring holes in hard surfaces like stone or concrete. if you have requirement for such tasks then definitely go for a hammer drill.

It can bring convenience to your work and the versatility of these drills will help you with different tasks. Recently we published content How is a hammer drill different from a regular drill.