Do it yourself water well drilling equipment ( Latest Update )

Today we are discuss about Do it yourself water well drilling equipment .

Digging a water well isn’t associated with pros only. You can drill your own well using water hoses and other stuff available at home. An effective and inexpensive water well drilling technique!! Isn’t it cool? It is interesting and fun.

Many times, this do it yourself water drilling technique is also known as jetting and washing a well. We will focus on water drilling in the following discussion.

Most water well drillers use the rotary bit method for water bore drilling and this will be similar to it. We will be talking about a do it yourself water well drilling equipment which uses water pumping through a PVC schedule 40 pipe.

A drill bit is fashioned at the bottom of the pipe. It will act a s the drill bit and stem, both. The PVC pipe is slowly worked into the ground in an annular motion. Try this method to dig your own well.

But why should you do it? Because irrigation is a costly affair. Watering the lawns can also get expensive. Installing a pump and making a do it yourself drilling equipment can save you a lot of money. Use drilling perfect methods.

How to start drilling for water?

Start by examining the location for the well. Maybe referring to an actual drilling of well video can be helpful. The easiest way known is to put in a driven well.

A pipe similar to a nail pounded into the ground. Soft soil is the most fitting for this task. Also make sure that the clay content is not so high. Clayey soil makes it difficult to drill a well. Use a point hole digger before using the drill point. Use it until two feet deep pilot hole is dug. To protect the threads at the end of the pipe, screw a thread cap at the end of the well point.

Now place the drill point in this hole and push it into the ground with a sledge hammer. Slam hammer can also be used, as per the convenience of the user.

When you notice the pipe left above the ground to be about 10 inches, add a section of pipe above the drill point. An external threaded coupling can be added after removing the cap. Use a good Teflon pipe joint to ensure the casing seals well. Remember to add sections only of about five foot and not more, to avoid breaking the drill point. As it is a do it yourself water well drilling equipment, do not forget to put a cap above the new pipe to protect threads.

You will get an idea about the moment you reach the water level; you will hear hollow strike when you hit. To check how far you have reached to the water table, take a weighted string and put it in the drill point after removing the cap.

When you remove the string after hitting the bottom, see how much thread is wet. Your well screen should be entirely in water, so you should dig the well of enough depth.

A do it yourself water well equipment might not give you a well for a lot of water but will serve good enough. Go, drill a well and see how much water you can get out of it.

If it feels that the water is less as per your use, dig up more. The water will become clear after some time as soon as all the mud gets removed. Get your water tested before using it. Recently we reviewed the best cordless drill for drilling.