5 Best Least Expensive Benchtop Drill Press [Review]


We purchase all the best least expensive benchtop drill press for review and provide proper knowledge for you. In article Amazon affiliate link available if you buy through links then i will get some commission.

Do you want to know best least expensive benchtop drill press. Money is everything in our life so you save the money for future. If you don’t have proper knowledge about drill press then you buy expensive drill press.

A benchtop drill press is a very impressive tool as it can facilitate a lot of your work. But finding the perfect benchtop drill press is quite a task.

You need search among so many benchtop drills to press available and choose the least expensive benchtop drill press.

Everyone has a different requirement from a drill press. You might need a drill press which is compact and portable.

Some find a variability speed a better option. Some may go for a bigger model which has many attachments with it.

There are many models available in the market which offers very unique features.

Choosing the one which suits your need and is budget-friendly can take a lot of your time.

Here is a list showcasing all the best and least expensive benchtop drill press that can be just what you needed for your workplace.

Best least expensive benchtop drill press

design-process-1-8124351 Check specification of drill press

1. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press


With an advantage of variability in speed, this WEN model is the best budget benchtop drill press.

It is very powerful and can be used on both metal and wood. (Get to know the ways of (How to drill straight holes in wood).

Other features of this benchtop press include a digital LED readout display. With great speed setting, you also get an option to keep a track of the speed though this.

A precise cut is easy to achieve though this machine as users are able to target materials with an exact RPM. With an 8 inch swing, it has a speed range of 580 to 3200 RPM.

High precision with variable speed settings makes it the best budget benchtop drill press.

It even comes with a table roller extension. Up to 17 inches of support can be accessed at your workspace through this feature.

It can be considered the top category one in the least expensive benchtop drill press.


• High precision• Depth adjustment gauge• Easy to control• Onboard light

• Roller extension for more support


• Nothing

2. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

24163215422_dd6192e22b_b-removebg-preview-1-8950609 SKIL Drill Press

Another remarkable and least expensive benchtop drill press is SKIL 3320 model. It is best for the use of beginners.

Portability is the notable feature of this drill press. You can carry it along with you to your workbench with ease.

If you are constrained by a small workplace or limited storage area, this will prove to be the best and least expensive benchtop drill press for you.

With a good look and finish, anyone can confuse it for an expensive machine.

Repetitive drilling and accurate measurements can be done with its adjustable depth feature.

The worksurface of this machine is accompanied by a tilting and locking function.

Assembling a benchtop drill press can be a tedious task. But assembling this machine is a straightforward task and can be performed well, even by a beginner.

It even has a Laser X2 2-beam laser for precise whole alignment.


• Good for beginners• Less expensive• Powerful and durable

• Portable


• Nothing


This model from Shop series gives you five operating speeds ranging from 620 to 3100 RPM.

It is very much versatile for wide-ranging drilling activities. High levels of accuracy and controls are some significant features.

It offers higher safety than any other benchtop drill model. Under the category of least expensive benchtop drill press, it is undoubtedly one of the best.

If you have small spaces available and you need a high-performance drill, go for it.

It is ideal for home workshops with powerful and compact as its traits. It comes with a 10-inch swing and 620-3100 RPM.

A good level of accuracy can be achieved with the speed control dial, even on different materials. An onboard LED light helps with visibility while working.

The battery indicator will help you keep a track of the battery capacity too. Lost the charger for your drill press?

Do not worry. Learn How to Charge a Cordless Drill Battery Without a Charger.


• Reliable• Precise• Onboard LED

• Adjustable


• Not Reverse

4. EURO TOOL Small Benchtop Drill Press

If you are looking for the least expensive benchtop drill press for your home workshop, this will be a good choice.

It is small in size and even easy to use. Its compact size allows you to store it with convenience without wasting space.

Even with its small size, it has enough power to deliver good quality drilling. It is worth your money and gives great value to the user.

Its portability is such that it does not hamper its motor performance.

Along with all this, it is light in weight, making it suitable for transporting from one place to another.

The motor is completely reliable and it gives precision in drilling accompanied with versatility. (Learn how to drill straight holes in wood) Its speed is up to 8500 RPM thus making it a good choice under the least expensive benchtop drill press.

It is best for versatile work and differentiated space work.


• Precise• Compact• Easy to assemble

• Portable


• New Model

5. BUCKTOOL 2501A Drill Press

This model is another least expensive benchtop drill press. This benchtop drill press has a variety of accessories attaches which make it a lot easier to handle. It has a laser, an LED light, and a half-inch key chuck.

This best budget benchtop drill press has a built-in laser giving precise prediction of drilling location.

It is very easy to assemble and the accessories which come along can be put together effortlessly.

It has a 10-inch swing with a speed range of about 610-2800 RPM. It comes with 5-speed adjustment levels and a durable induction motor provides ample torque and power. But be cautious as it can be hard to adjust sometimes.

It has a worktable with 45-degree angle both left and right besides height adjustments.

A bevelling worktable is the best feature this model provides. With all these additional features, even a beginner can use it like a pro.

All the standards are taken care of while making it. It has all the good features with additional adjustment functions.


• Easy to handle• Adjustable worktable• Safe for beginners

• Laser for precision


• Nothing


I hope you easily to choose best least expensive benchtop drill press for working. If you want to know how to drill im titles. All the benchtop drill press are very powerful and get Amazing reviews by customer. More customer are satisfied by these benchtop drill press.